Director's Message

Prof. Dr. P.S.N. Rao

SPA Delhi is one of the foremost and 1st planning institutions to be established in Asia and specialised in the field of planning as well as architecture. Our students and products are absolutely different and specialised in terms of various disciplines. We have experts in the field of Architecture, urban design and leaders in many fields like transportation planning, housing, urban regional planning. Some of our students who graduated from here and employed in various government institutions are now leaders like commissioners in DDA and in many private authorities and other private multi nationals. It shows our calibre and efficiency. In the field of architecture and design, we have created many architecture students who are leading in some of the leading names of the country. In landscape architecture we have beyond the leaders, we have premiers once in the field even to this state. So like that we have many specialisations and also coming out with some of new specialisations like medical architecture, Building Engineering and Management which is absolutely hit because again we have the leads in these fields.

I am sure and confident with the promotion book which we coming across that each of the students graduated from here is a gem and each one of them can show to prove to the work that they have something unique as compared to the other leading institutions in the country.

Thank you.