Urban Planning

Urban Planning aims at orderly development of cities, spaces and activities. It is needed to avoid any haphazard growth in city forms. The course is designed in a way to make the students learn with field experiences and apply their learning to create communities, accommodate growth, or revitalize physical facilities in towns, cities, counties, and metropolitan areas. They are also trained by expert faculty not only to collect data but also to work in teams incorporating engineers, architects, geographers and planners and also to collaborate with public officials, engineers, architects, and developers in the field to have a firsthand experience.

Masters in Urban Planning is a course designed specially to train the students about all details related to urban land like Infrastructure, land use, financing, settlement and to deal with emerging issues in the most analytical manner. They are also taught many supporting theory subjects like economics, planning theory, development finance, urban governance etc. They work on special Planning software like GIS, excel designed for planning. Besides exposure on process of development plans, infrastructure plans they also learn to prepare a detail project report and also learn report writing skills each semester.

The students have performed well in the academic exercises and I sincerely wish them good luck to achieve great heights in their future endeavours.

Sh. M. Palaniappan

Head of the Department