Department of Urban Design


The Urban Design Program in SPA-Delhi prepares students to specifically address complex issues that characterize our cities through a rigorous, reality driven, outcome-oriented curriculum over two years. Urban designers from this department have been involved in leadership positions in both the private and public sector, international organisations, academia and research. Equipped with observational, analytical, creative, representation and management tool. SPA Urban Designers are ideal for offering design solutions at any scale of application- from neighborhood and precinct levels to township and city level. Our graduates are trained to apply their design skills both individually and as team members with equal versatility for inner city development involving multiple stakeholder aspirations as also for greenfield development strategies. Of late, they have been much sought after candidates to provide creative design inputs for Central Government Missions like Smart City, AMRUT, HRIDAY, Housing for All etc. Wherever they are, SPA Urban Designers will prove to be environmentally sensitive, socially conscious and professionally committed to any engagement that comes their way.

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