BATCH 2020-2022

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Regional planning is the process of formulating and translating economic, spatial and environmental objectives in the ordering of activities in space in an integrated manner levels such as village, Peri-urban, sub-urban and urban in terms of space; metropolitan region, districts, state in terms of territoriality and dynamic functional resource and environmental regions in term of typology of regions. In principle, it is basically spatial development planning oriented to planning for a given area. It aims to achieve sustainable development for the region.

The Master in Planning (Specialisation in Regional Planning ) programme is designed to prepare students in the skills of regional analysis, regional and sub-regional plan preparation, preparation of action oriented strategies and management of human settlements. The programme enables the students to meet the professional needs of various potential employers such as government, non-government organizations, bilateral funding agencies, multilateral institutions and private sector.

Prof. Dr. Vinita Yadav

Head of the Department

Department of Regional Planning