Department of Landscape Architecture

About the Department

BATCH 2020-2022

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Landscape Architecture is a specialization which focuses on both the built and the natural environments. Historically, landscape architects were regarded as designers of gardens and parks. We as Landscape Archtects today are proudly carrying this tradition with us, while integrating a broad spectrum of learnings in multiple disciplines and fields such as ecology, planning, design as well as management of the physical environment. Our expertise as architects combined with technical knowledge of soils, structures, services as well as ecology, make us extremely versatile professionals.Our post-graduate degree programme aims at imparting proficiency in landscape assessment and design techniques by employing ecological principles and maintaining sensitivity towards the existing socio-economic and cultural scenarios. The programme covers a variety of subject areas such as ecology, plant systems and plant taxonomy, geology and soils, planting design, landscape engineering, ecosystem analysis and field ecology etc.

Landscape architects, through careful planning and design, have a firm commitment to improve the quality of both our built and unbuilt environs.School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi is an internationally recognised institute that aims to further evolve as a distinguished centre of research, innovation, learning, capacity building and scholarly inquiry. Our mission involves a strong commitment to :-

• Make SPA a multi-disciplinary academic knowledge house, a pioneer and a global leader in planning and design

• To provide the nation with passionate and innovative professionals that are rooted in cultural ethos, contributing to nation building with their utmost dedication

• To carry forward the legacy as an institute with a competitive edge in the field of human settlement planning, design, research, training and consultancy