Environmental Planning

About the Department

BATCH 2020-2022

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Environmental Planning is a Post Graduate Degree Programme, designed to train students in methods for scientific evaluation of various factors for planning environmentally sustainable development of human settlements and regions. The main objective of the Programme is to impart adequate skills and exposure to the students to enable them to handle the challenges of environmental planning, design, impact assessment, mitigation and preventive measures.

The students of the Programme are sensitized to environmentally tackle current world's crisis to plan and think ahead to include optimization of resource and their economic, social and legal implications. They are equipped to prepare any environmental plan and spatially analyze any site with the help of latest available geospatial or remote sensingtools and techniques. They are equipped to manage, analyze, interpret and report any aspect of planning with focus of environmental parameters. In this decade for action, the department trains the students not just to think environmentally but to understand about inclusive growth and development in order to build a nation which is safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.