Department of BEM

BATCH 2020-2022

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The course curriculum integrates the engineering aspects & management practices of building projects. The thrust of the programme is on imparting knowledge of planning, scheduling & monitoring so that building projects are completed within the stipulated Time, Cost & Quality parameters. Special emphasis is placed on Practical Aspects through various case studies, which form integral part of the programme.

I have the pleasure of introducing the batch of 2019-21 on Master of Building Engineering and Management (BEM). Having gone through the two-year full time course, the students are now ready to undertake responsibilities in the profession. The Master’s course of BEM is structured to ensure comprehensive coverage of knowledge and skill needed in the construction industry. Our course has evolved over the last 35+ years and refined to take challenge in the profession as a Construction Project Manager. The academic exposure considers performance in a state-of-the-art technologically advanced project situation as well as multi-cultural work environments. The course is pursued through participatory methods and field exposure of live projects apart from lectures.

With the optimism rooted in the positive feedback from industry, I believe that the needs of the recruiters shall converge with the aspirations of the students to create perfectly harmonized job profiles.

Prof. Dr. Virendra K. Paul

Head of the Department

Department of BEM