Department of Architecture

Dear Recruiter,

It’s my pleasure to invite you to Placement session at the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. Department of Architecture is a troupe of creative minds culled together at School of Planning and Architecture, a common ignition point, where a platform is given to not just ideate and invent freely, but to also discover.

The course is designed in a way that students are equipped with a multi-disciplinary education, exposing them to various issues and the spectrum of facets to each problem. The students are given the tools to engage with the possible stakeholders and are encouraged to acknowledge every aspect of it. This ensures training for design thinking and strategic planning. It further builds a capacity for problem solving irrespective of scale and sensitizes the student to detail.

The programme is composed for a holistic learning to understand the essence of a building or a space design. Traversing through a course of five intricate years, all of the possible influences and consequence of architecture are touched upon to make the students adaptable to aesthetical, behavioral, contextual, environmental, ecological, economical, infrastructural, political, psychological, structural, sociological, technical, theoretical, urban and regional factors to a design.

I wish our students the very best for their future.

Prof. Manoj Mathur